3 Steps to Help You Achieve Success

It’s New Year’s Resolution Time!

This year, I decided to put one of my resolutions out there and make myself accountable. Big step outside my comfort zone.
My law blog here sets out how you can achieve your goals by breaking it down into 3 steps: Decide, Commit, and Savor.

So here it goes:

Step 1: Decide on a goal.
My Goal: clean out my freakin’ garage!! It’s disgusting. Truly. I found a dead, leathery rat-frog creature in there the other day….

Step 2: Commit to a plan.
Hmmm… well, I’ll break it down.
What will I need to achieve this dream of mine? First, time. I’ve done a clean out before, so I estimate it will take about 2 days, or 15 hours with breaks. Second, supplies. I will need boxes, bins, and bags, labeled “trash”, “recycle”, “keep”, and “donate”. Oh, and I’ll have to stash my little ones somewhere so that they aren’t distracting me. Lastly, enlist help.
What do I need to do to make each of those steps happen? 1) Set aside time on my calendar. Seriously. It’s a date. Me and my garage…and the dead rat-frog…we got a hot date. 2) I’ll pull the trash and recycle bins over to the garage. I’ve got a bunch of boxes at the office because I just shredded a ton of files (no – I’m not pulling an Enron…2016 was about clearing out stuff in the office…). 3) Uh, “Hi, Mom. Guess what! You get to have some extra grandma time this weekend!! I’ll be sure to pump them full of lollipops and rainbows for you.” 4) Where is that husband of mine? I think he’s got some unused vacation time…

Step 3: Savor success.
Okay, so I’ll have to wait on that one…


I’m putting it on my calendar now – February 11 and February 18! And you can hold me accountable! Feel free to check in with me in March and ask me how it went!

So what’s your resolution? Make a commitment to do it! What will it take to make it happen?!


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