Why would we choose to represent CDO’s instead of other types of divorce clients?

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The answer starts with family.  As a child, my mother gave up her career to raise a family, yet she was the CEO, CFO, and COO of our home – in short, she was “the boss”.  My father, who was an executive outside the home, understood that, and he would refer most tough questions to her, telling us, “ask my CEO”.

Now, I am a wife and mother myself. Although I choose to work outside the home, I have worked (and still do) within the home as well. I am fully aware of all that a CDO does and how underappreciated and undervalued you are. I believe that one of my missions in life is to be a voice for these individuals.

Traditionally, many law firms focus on bringing in clients who they are confident can pay their bills – the doctors, dentists, lawyers, executives, CEO’s, CFO’s, etc. I did that, too, and still do to some extent. But I noticed that it was frequently the wives, particularly the wives who stayed at home, who suffered the most during and after the divorce process. They were often left with few resources and no roadmap to guide them into the next chapter of their lives.  I knew I could do more to help them.

Our Chief Domestic OfficerTM services are different from the way most other law firms practice today.  We identify goals, inform clients about their options, and attempt to resolve legal matters in a collaborative manner, when possible, but stand ready to litigate and fight when needed.  Our approach to divorce minimizes the stress on our clients, the damage to the family relationships and finances, while enhancing the client experience.

Our process is a win-win for everyone. Clients not only get through the divorce with confidence, but they can plan a brighter future and thrive in life after divorce.  And for us, we find comfort in knowing that we are helping an underserved and underappreciated community of people.

We help Chief Domestic Officers negotiate their divorce exit strategy with confidence.

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